We believe that investment performance and creating positive impact go hand in hand. Research shows that investing in companies committed to sustainable business practices creates the opportunity to deliver superior investment results (Callan, 2010). Our diverse backgrounds in finance, philanthropy and advocacy help us provide a unique investment experience. We provide a team approach, advising every client on their specific needs and goals.

Developing a comprehensive investment plan should integrate an investor’s beliefs with investment goals. The power of investing with impact is that it aligns your wealth with your worldview. There are different ways to approach socially responsible investing: searching for high-impact opportunities, investing according to your personal values and convictions, or finding exciting trends that could affect the long term value of your investments.

Our investment strategies and services include:

                    • Drafting an Investment Policy Statement plan (IPS)

                    • Customized Portfolio Screening, including: 

                              • Human & Animal Rights
                              • Environmental Protection
                              • Social Responsibility
                              • Weapons
                              • Human Advancement & Health

                    • Development of Specific Screens for the IPS plans

                    • Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Analysis:

                              • Ensuring investments maintain socially responsible practices
                              • Assist in tracking performance goals

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